The summer has been an intense time

The summer has been an intense time for SGLCC and we look forward to the autumn with a hope of a relative return to normality.

The spring was of course very affected by the pandemic, and the tremendous challenges to the world as a whole, and most of our events needed to be postponed.

It is our ambition to make up for the lost time in the months ahead.

Cooperate with our European friends

We were very happy to be able to cooperate with our European friends to have the full-day on-line conference in June, gathering audiences from across Europe and beyond.

A further development is that our European cooperation is strengthening with our fellow chambers in EGLCC and now we have a joint website

This focus on the joint website is on LGBT-owned businesses and it opens up a new possibility for LGBT owned businesses to connect with each other, as well as the potential to increase their potential to bid on tenders from multinational corporations. More information about the registration can be found here.

Events during the autumn

We aim to have several events during the autumn, however some are still work in progress, partly due to travel-restrictions and number of people.

We are working hard to find good solutions for us to meet again, safely and in good spirit. Look out for news of upcoming events!

Tobias Holfelt

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