Inbjudan: Är du HBTQ-företagare?

Inbjudan: Är du HBTQ-företagare?

Informationsmöte om SGLCC

Är du HBTQ-företagare? Varmt välkommen till informationsmöte och mingel med SGLCC – handelskammaren för HBTQ-företagare i Skandinavien.

Vi bjuder in till informationsmöte om hur du kan dra nytta av att nätverka med andra företagare och företag inom HBTQ-communityn nationellt och internationellt.

Tillsammans kan vi stärka varandra och skapa nya möjligheter till affärer.

Datum: 2020-09-22
Tid: 1700-1800
Plats: The Secret Garden, Kornhamnstorg 59, 111 27 Stockholm



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After an intense time

After an intense time

The summer has been an intense time

The summer has been an intense time for SGLCC and we look forward to the autumn with a hope of a relative return to normality.

The spring was of course very affected by the pandemic, and the tremendous challenges to the world as a whole, and most of our events needed to be postponed.

It is our ambition to make up for the lost time in the months ahead.

Cooperate with our European friends

We were very happy to be able to cooperate with our European friends to have the full-day on-line conference in June, gathering audiences from across Europe and beyond.

A further development is that our European cooperation is strengthening with our fellow chambers in EGLCC and now we have a joint website

This focus on the joint website is on LGBT-owned businesses and it opens up a new possibility for LGBT owned businesses to connect with each other, as well as the potential to increase their potential to bid on tenders from multinational corporations. More information about the registration can be found here.

Events during the autumn

We aim to have several events during the autumn, however some are still work in progress, partly due to travel-restrictions and number of people.

We are working hard to find good solutions for us to meet again, safely and in good spirit. Look out for news of upcoming events!

Tobias Holfelt

Register your LGBT owned Business!

Register your LGBT owned Business!

Register your LGBT owned Business!

We are very glad to announce a new possibility for LGBT owned Businesses to connect with each other, as well as the potential to increase their potential to bid on tenders from multinational corporations.

In cooperation with SGLCC partners East Meets West, GGLBC, IGLBC we are thrilled to have created a joint European platform for registration of LGBT owned businesses under our common venture EGLCC – European LGBTIQ Chamber of Commerce.

It is now open for all LGBT business owners to register and be part of a European-wide community of LGBT entrepreneurs. In addition it gives you the possibility to receive tenders and participate in procurement from multinational corporations within the Supplier Diversity initiatives.


The EGLCC was founded in June 2018 by 3 national LGBTI Business units, the SGLCC (Scandinavian Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce), the IGLBC (the Italian GLBT Business Chamber) and East meets West, the Vienna based organisation with a clear Central & East European focus.

In July 2019, EGLCC was joined by the GGLBC (German LGBTIQ* Business Chamber). The EGLCC has its official seat in Stockholm, Sweden and is open for each nationally based LGBTI Chamber of Commerce in Europe that subscribes to the principles as put down in the Vienna Declaration on LGBTI Businesses.

The aim of RGLCC

The EGLCC defined 4 key aims:

  • We want to make the European LGBTI businesses more visible so that they become a relevant group in their local  business community
  • We want to increase the social acceptance of LGBTI people in a business environment so that they can become a influential player in their business community
  • We want diversity to become a relevant value in the business world which will lead to powerful collaborations and create unique business opportunities
  • We want to make clear that coming out in business is not a threat to their existing successes but that it is as valuable as a personal coming out, it makes the businesses stronger, more authentic and more successful
Connecting the dots

Connecting the dots

The 2020 East meets West virtual conference

Together with our friends and partners in Europe, and across the world, we invite our members to participate in East Meets West conference in Vienna virtually.

It will be open for all members in our EGLCC network. Welcome on June 12, wherever you are!

Speakers will cover a variety of topics, from Multinational Corporations, to Global organisation, and perhaps most importantly from the LGBT Business Community.

For more information about the conference and how to register please use this link.

About the East meets West Conferences

The East meets West Conferences are the annual meetings of the East meets West network and interested outsiders, to discuss LGBTI topics, present ideas, realisations, future plans and to create an environment for efficient networking.

Their conferences offers a rich and dynamic program and networking opportunities with people from European countries and overseas delegations.

The programs feature indisputable LGBTI people, who have taken their rightful place in the mainstream society and this way have become iconic representatives of the new phase of social diversity. We are continuously increasing the focus on LGBTI Businesses and their proud owners.

More information about East meets West can be found on their webpage.

Diversity & Inclusion Survey 2020

Diversity & Inclusion Survey 2020

Welcome to participate OUR Diversity & Inclusion Survey 2020

The aims of the survey are:

  • to allow participants to get a glimpse on how their own initiatives stands in comparison to other corporations around the world.
  • To compare themselves towards other regonal corporations
  • Self-assement

The awards will be presented by the UK Ambassador

Results will be presented in a ranking order and the winner will be announced at the SGLCC conference in May where an award in different categories will be presented by the UK Ambassador to Sweden.

Your participation is important

Your participation will play an important role in helping the SGLCC to understand the role and impact of Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) in businesses within the Scandinavian countries.


The survey is done in a Google form. If you have any questions about the Survey please get in touch.


Click here to join the survey

PREVIOUS winners 

SGLCC Diversity Award was presented at the Dutch Embassy in Stockholm.

Winner of SGLCC Award:

Supplier of the Year:
Alf Kjeller AB

Ally of the Year:
Fredrik Fredriksson, Wikegårds Semesterby.