Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

A warm thank you to all for this year! For many it has been challenging, but perhaps also given some time for reflection.

Despite restrictions we have been able to have a number of events, even if it has not been as many as we would have hoped. We have much planned for the coming year, so keep  updated on our web-page and social media channels. Of course we constantly monitor the situation, and adapt our calendar of events to any restrictions.

We wish our members and partners a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

God Jul och Gott nytt år!

Stort tack för det gångna året! Det har varit utmanande för många, men kanske också gett möjlighet till reflektion.

Trots restriktioner har vi genomfört en rad evenemang. även om det inte varit så många som vi önskat. Det kommande året har vi en rad evenemang planerade, så håll uppsikt på hemsidan och via våra kanaler på FB och Linkedin.

Samtidigt håller vi uppsikt på smittspridning och anpassar vårt kalendarium och event därefter.

Vi önskar våra medlemmar och partners en mycket God Jul och ett ännu bättre Gott nytt år!

Randstad – new partner

Randstad – new partner

Randstad has become a new partner

We are very happy¨to announce that Randstad has become a partner for SGLCC, and thank them for their support!

– It is part of our business-strategy to advance and push for a more inclusive labour market and and a welcoming public and private sector for everyone. Our strategy is to continue to work with inclusion internally, but also actively engage externally for the society in general. When we look for external partners on these issues, several are good at inclusion in general, but few specifically on LGBTI inclusion. At the same time, the LGBTI community is an especially vulnerable group, a group the world leaders also left out, when designing Agenda 2030


SGLCC is a unique partner when it comes to equal opportunities for LGBTI people on the labour market, public and private sector, and we look forward to an active partnership, says Martin Sjögren, Randstad.

For more information about partnerships please use this link.

Upcoming 2021

Upcoming 2021

As we have now entered 2021, we hope you are all safe, and staying healthy!

The situation in the world is of course still unpredictable and challenging for many, in different ways. We are very aware of the difficult situation many small businesses are in, while others have been more fortunate.

SGLCC aims to make the best of the situation during the spring and summer, although we still need to wait a while before we can meet in person. Dates for events will be sent to you in good time. The plan is to continue with our on- line Round Tables and informal smaller gatherings with our small businesses, where allowed.

We have also started the planning for a larger conference as well as participation in World Pride during late summer – in the serene hope the world will then be a more social place.

If you have any specific topics you would like us to highlight during the spring, please just let us know!

Tobias Holfelt

After an intense time

After an intense time

The summer has been an intense time

The summer has been an intense time for SGLCC and we look forward to the autumn with a hope of a relative return to normality.

The spring was of course very affected by the pandemic, and the tremendous challenges to the world as a whole, and most of our events needed to be postponed.

It is our ambition to make up for the lost time in the months ahead.

Cooperate with our European friends

We were very happy to be able to cooperate with our European friends to have the full-day on-line conference in June, gathering audiences from across Europe and beyond.

A further development is that our European cooperation is strengthening with our fellow chambers in EGLCC and now we have a joint website

This focus on the joint website is on LGBT-owned businesses and it opens up a new possibility for LGBT owned businesses to connect with each other, as well as the potential to increase their potential to bid on tenders from multinational corporations. More information about the registration can be found here.

Events during the autumn

We aim to have several events during the autumn, however some are still work in progress, partly due to travel-restrictions and number of people.

We are working hard to find good solutions for us to meet again, safely and in good spirit. Look out for news of upcoming events!

Tobias Holfelt

Postponed meetings and a new website

Postponed meetings and a new website


The current situation is of course a very hard time for all levels of society, not least for small business owners and we hope we will pull through this together. Meanwhile SGLCC wanted to give an update on our schedule that had to be revised as for everyone. 

Out meetings in Stockholm and Helsinki

Our April 27 member mingle is postponed. It is also very likely that we need to postpone our event in Helsinki on May 7 as well as our conference in Stockholm on May 13 – however we will keep you posted on that.

New website

During this time, we have instead created a brand new website wich can be found on For LGBT owned businesses there is also a possibility to use our new self registration document.

In addition the collaborative work with our partner chambers continue and we are glad to say that our European initiative EGLCC is progressing rapidly, and look forward to inform you further on that topic shortly.

Stay strong and there will be a time when this is history, even if times may seem dark at the moment.

Tobias Holfelt Chairman,
Alf Kjeller Vice Chairman