Riding the waves of change

Join our friends and partners for the annual East Meets West conference on June 17. It is free for all SGLCC members. East Meets Wests annual conference is always highly anticipated with groundbreaking insights from eastern Europe and across the continent. This year, instead of the usual venue in Vienna, you can all join the livestream from Warzaw.

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About East Meets West

Founded in 2013 in Vienna, Austria, East meets West is a network of LGBTIQ professionals from Western & (primarily) Eastern Europe. East meets West facilitates the exchange of ideas, the sharing of best practices and generates mutual inspiration to improve the social acceptance of LGBTIQ people in the different countries. East meets West is the facilitator of awareness on LGBTIQ businesses and that LGBTIQ people can be successful entrepreneurs and become role models inside and outside the LGBTIQ community. East meets West has also a catalyst function in the LGBTIQ organisational ecosystem by connecting NGOs, diplomatic representatives, officials, corporate players, entrepreneurs and variety of other inspiring personalities. East meets West ‘signature event’ is the annual conference. More info can be found on their website.

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