Randstad has become a new partner

We are very happy¨to announce that Randstad has become a partner for SGLCC, and thank them for their support!

– It is part of our business-strategy to advance and push for a more inclusive labour market and and a welcoming public and private sector for everyone. Our strategy is to continue to work with inclusion internally, but also actively engage externally for the society in general. When we look for external partners on these issues, several are good at inclusion in general, but few specifically on LGBTI inclusion. At the same time, the LGBTI community is an especially vulnerable group, a group the world leaders also left out, when designing Agenda 2030


SGLCC is a unique partner when it comes to equal opportunities for LGBTI people on the labour market, public and private sector, and we look forward to an active partnership, says Martin Sjögren, Randstad.

For more information about partnerships please use this link.

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