LGBTI+ Business Conference 2021

LGBTI+ Business Conference 2021

Join us in Malmö Town Hall Aug 17

We are happy to invite all members to our LGBTI+ Business conference in Malmö Town Hall during WorldPride in Copenhagen! The conference will be held August 17 between 1300-1700 and both as a live event and a digital event. The aim is to highlight the business angle of LGBT inclusion, and, not least, the entrepeneurship of our own community.

There is a significant return on investment for private corporations that implements a sustainable diversity strategy. In order to be successful this need to be a credible, long-term starchy in how these issues can best be implemented in the corporate business strategy, in all parts of the business processes from talent acquisition to workplace inclusion, innovation, sales and supply-chains. This can also be tracked up to the owner-level, by the stock-performance.

The current pandemic has caused severe stress to the business environment across the world. Some have had a very difficult time, and some have done well. Over time, certain areas will go back to pre-pandemic activities, and others will come out with entirely new models and strategies. What has become evident is the need for the diversity and inclusion models to be resilient under stress as well as sustainable in order to be useful, credible and deliver the intended outcome for the business at hand.

One group is sometimes overlooked. Those in our community that who runs and develops businesses on their own. We want to highlight the thriving entrepreneurship within our community and the economic development and innovation it brings. In the USA alone, the LGBTI business community is calculated to add 1.7 Trillion USD annually to the GDP (Witeck,2019), and there is no reason this should be any different in Scandinavia.The entrepreneurs in our own community is the focus of SGLCC and now it is your time to shine!

More information will be found at the conference website and here you can find tickets to the digital event.

East Meets West conference 2021

East Meets West conference 2021

Riding the waves of change

Join our friends and partners for the annual East Meets West conference on June 17. It is free for all SGLCC members. East Meets Wests annual conference is always highly anticipated with groundbreaking insights from eastern Europe and across the continent. This year, instead of the usual venue in Vienna, you can all join the livestream from Warzaw.

Klick here for more information and registration

About East Meets West

Founded in 2013 in Vienna, Austria, East meets West is a network of LGBTIQ professionals from Western & (primarily) Eastern Europe. East meets West facilitates the exchange of ideas, the sharing of best practices and generates mutual inspiration to improve the social acceptance of LGBTIQ people in the different countries. East meets West is the facilitator of awareness on LGBTIQ businesses and that LGBTIQ people can be successful entrepreneurs and become role models inside and outside the LGBTIQ community. East meets West has also a catalyst function in the LGBTIQ organisational ecosystem by connecting NGOs, diplomatic representatives, officials, corporate players, entrepreneurs and variety of other inspiring personalities. East meets West ‘signature event’ is the annual conference. More info can be found on their website.

The CGLCC annual Global Business Summit

The CGLCC annual Global Business Summit

Save the dates

We just want to give you a heads up and a chance for you to save the dates. Our friends in Canada – the Canadian LGBT+ Chamber of Commerce will host their annual conference Global Business Summit in June 7-11. This year it vill be digital and it’s a great opportunity for you as a member of SGLCC to participate.

The CGLCC annual Global Business Summit brings together members, certified suppliers, corporate and government partners, and allies from Canada and around the world to discuss LGBT+ entrepreneurship in Canada.

In celebration of the fifth LGBT+ Global Business Summit, this year’s event will be hosted virtually for a unique, digital experience full of business building, innovative entrepreneurship stories, and unparalleled procurement connections.

More information will come – but if you are interested – save the date!

Upcoming 2021

Upcoming 2021

As we have now entered 2021, we hope you are all safe, and staying healthy!

The situation in the world is of course still unpredictable and challenging for many, in different ways. We are very aware of the difficult situation many small businesses are in, while others have been more fortunate.

SGLCC aims to make the best of the situation during the spring and summer, although we still need to wait a while before we can meet in person. Dates for events will be sent to you in good time. The plan is to continue with our on- line Round Tables and informal smaller gatherings with our small businesses, where allowed.

We have also started the planning for a larger conference as well as participation in World Pride during late summer – in the serene hope the world will then be a more social place.

If you have any specific topics you would like us to highlight during the spring, please just let us know!

Tobias Holfelt