Connecting the dots

Connecting the dots

The 2020 East meets West virtual conference

Together with our friends and partners in Europe, and across the world, we invite our members to participate in East Meets West conference in Vienna virtually.

It will be open for all members in our EGLCC network. Welcome on June 12, wherever you are!

Speakers will cover a variety of topics, from Multinational Corporations, to Global organisation, and perhaps most importantly from the LGBT Business Community.

For more information about the conference and how to register please use this link.

About the East meets West Conferences

The East meets West Conferences are the annual meetings of the East meets West network and interested outsiders, to discuss LGBTI topics, present ideas, realisations, future plans and to create an environment for efficient networking.

Their conferences offers a rich and dynamic program and networking opportunities with people from European countries and overseas delegations.

The programs feature indisputable LGBTI people, who have taken their rightful place in the mainstream society and this way have become iconic representatives of the new phase of social diversity. We are continuously increasing the focus on LGBTI Businesses and their proud owners.

More information about East meets West can be found on their webpage.

Invitation: The SGLCC Conference

Invitation: The SGLCC Conference

Welcome to the annual SGLCC 2020 Conference

Very welcome to our SGLCC 2020 conference. We offer a full half day program, hosted at the British Ambassadors Residence in Stockholm.

The speakers will cover a variety of issues on the potentail of LGBT-inclusion for the private sector.

In addition we will present the SGLCC 2020 Workplace Inclusion Award. More information will come so save the date!

Date: May 13
Time: To be decided
Location: British Ambassadors residence in Stockholm

The meeting will be held in English.

For more information and registration – please send us an email.

Invitation: Networking meeting April 27

Invitation: Networking meeting April 27

Networking in Stockholm

Did you know that you as a LGBT-business owner, have the potential of being procured within the Supplier Diversity Concept in Scandinavia? We will explain how that works and what potential your company can have and increase you possibilities to expand your business and get larger contracts.

We will also explain how SGLCC creates a regional and global network of LGBT-businesses in order to empower the entrepreneurs of our community and increase their ability to expand their businesses.

Date: April 27
Time: 16:30-18:00
Location: The Park, Sveavägen 98, Stockholm

The meeting will be held in Swedish.

Please register by sending us an email.

Invitation: The economic potential of LGBT Inclusion

Invitation: The economic potential of LGBT Inclusion

The business value of LGBT-inclusion

Very welcome to our breakfast-event in Helsinki on May 7 in cooperation with AmCham Finland.

We will present the latest research and value of the LGBT-market and the potential for your corporation. A panel of distinguished speakers will share their experiences and best practice.

We will present more information in the beginning of April.

Date: May 7
Time: 08:00-11:00
Place: Helsinki
The meeting will be held in English.
For registration and more information, please send us an email.